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Thank you for your continued support and business over the years. Our continued goal is and has always been to provide specialized high quality services for our clients with personalized customer service. As we continue to grow we are constantly looking at ways to improve and mold our business to meet our clients’ needs.

It is important to us to not get so big, that we lose the personal touch and relationship that we have with our clients. We had to make a few tough decisions this season which included decreasing some services, to enable us to maintain a workflow, so we are able to still provide the same level of attention and service to each and every client. With the option of receiving shipped semen in to AI mares, is it less important to house and maintain a group of stallions on site. We have decided it is better to offer our clients extended mare and embryo services and decrease some of the stallion services offered. You will notice a decrease both in the number of stallions on-site and in the promotion of stallion services. We are still offering collection, on-site breeding, and shipped semen on stallions, however we are limiting the number of stallions boarded and promoted at Outback. All stallions listed in the brochure are offered through our facility, however, you will need to contact the stallion owner in most cases to get your contract.

We have doubled the size of the recipient herd, which is currently the largest herd of recipient mares in the Northwest. We have purchased a new facility to house and maintain the recipient herd. Our embryo Transfer program is growing and becoming one of the largest parts of our business. We offer on-site embryo transfer, and have become known as one of the premier facility to receive shipped embryos. The new facility has freed up a lot of much needed room at our Main Location, which will help us provide high quality service and mare care.

We have also added a Eurixciser to our facility.  We are excited to offer this additional service to our clients.  So many of the mares we work on are performance horses. It is important they stay in good shape while at the breeding farm.  This will enable us to keep them fit so they are ready to go directly back into competition when we are down with them.

Again, we really appreciate and want to thank all our friends, and long term clients that continue to support and utilize our services. We are excited and encouraged with our growth and changes and are looking forward to a successful and prosperous 2018 for Outback and our clients.



Nick, Jennifer, Cole and Claire Kalafatic
Kasey, Kate, Norberto, Juan, Jett, Candida, and Shelby



On-Site Transfers and Receiving Station for Shipped Embryos

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